There are many people who are considering between European and Japanses car. Today, we come with 5 advantages of Japanese car to help you making the right decision.

  1. The maintenece cost is lower than European car. Of course that the maintenece cost would be cheaper even the European car come with free maintenance warranty for 3-5 years, but before the warranty is over. Most of people will sell the car becuase they are afraid of the cost of maintenance.
  2. Lower of small problems in Japanese car is a well known of property of them. Japanese car is designed to be more durable. European car always come with the new feature and innovation, but they would come with small problems.
  3. The insurance cost is lower. Japanese car most of them are lower price comparing with European car. So, the insurance price will be cheaper.
  4. Exchange price is more competible.Noemally, when we want to sell or tradr-in the car. Most of Japanese car willl have more stable pricer than European car. Because of the lower price and lower of maintenance cost. Therfore, the popularity of Japanese car make the price more stable.
  5. The owner will feel more comfortable to drive Japanese car because they do not need to be careful like driving Euuropean car.