7 notices show your car absorber is having problem.
1. when you push your front of the car and there is some noise from the wheels.
It can be imply that your car absorber may have a problem.
2. take a look on your car absorber that are they in the normal condition or not.
3. if you drive on a bumpy roand and there are some double rebound of the absorber, you should check them immediately.
4. when you taking off your car fastyer than regularly and there are some slipping from your car. It show that your absorber may have some leak point.
5. the car is slipping when you drive on a straight road.
6. there is a leak point on your absorber
7. after you turn off your engine, touch your absorber to check. If there is no heat from your absorber, it means that your absorber is malfunction.
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