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Stay Warm in Autumn: Roasted Pumpkin Soup

5 Advantages of Japanese Car

There are many people who are considering between European and Japanses car. Today, we come with 5 advantages of Japanese car to help you making the right decision. The maintenece cost is lower than European car. Of course that the maintenece cost would be cheaper even the European car come with free maintenance warranty for…

Engine Malfunction

Many reasons that engine oil indicator can be shown.First the amout of engine oil is too low. Second, modified your engine and there is some error occur in your engine room. Finally, the engine is too old needed to be repaired. Location: 60 Musgrave rd, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Contact Us: 0426608543 Come and check out…

Air Conditioning Trick

Air condition cleaning can be divided into 3 method. 1. Big cleaning, we have to detach the air box and clean it all. 2. using cleaner foam to clean the air condition without detaching it. 3. Using cleaning spray for soft cleaning. The way to maintain your air condition is do not open your air…

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